Austin Power Partners is a Joint Venture between Austin Commercial, Power Construction Company and Ujamaa Construction, Inc. The Austin Power Partners team combines unmatched national airport experience (Austin) with local expertise from the largest Chicago-only contractor (Power).  The team, further enhanced through the inclusion of a local minority contractor with recent aviation experience (Ujamaa), will ensure that Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport achieves all of its goals relative to this important project. Austin Power Partners previously worked on the O'Hare International Airport Consolidated Rental Car Facility (CONRAC)


Austin Commercial is a recognized leader in commercial and institutional building, well known for delivering projects ahead of schedule and under budget. Recognized for landmark projects such as the LAX Tom Bradley International Terminal expansion, the UT Southwestern T. Boone Pickens Biomedical Building Conference Center, Hunt Consolidated Headquarters and Museum Tower, Austin continues to lead the industry, serving our customers with innovative construction solutions and effect cost management strategies. We provide innovative solutions and achieve significant milestones for our customers, making us one of the largest and most diversified construction organizations in the nation.


Power Construction is a 95 year-old, management-owned firm with a long history of successfully managing complex projects across multiple market sectors. Our unique business model and values-based approach means that our leaders are directly involved, our employees build long-term careers and we build trade relationships that drive customer value. It’s what drives our unyielding commitment to safety and an exemplary EMR continually better than the industry average. 

Most importantly, it’s what allows us to fulfill our fundamental promise: 
to exceed expectations, every time. 


Ujamaa Construction Inc. (UJAMAA) offers Owners high quality, fast-track general contracting and construction management services.  We have a diverse range of experience constructing commercial, retail, higher education, multi-family housing and medical facilities.  Founded in 2002, UJAMAA has consistently built its portfolio with successful projects and satisfied clients.  The vision for UJAMAA is to provide exceptional construction services in a socially responsible manner.  The firm maintains a balance of corporate governance and social responsibility, striving to bring diversity into the work place and provide employment opportunities to the underserved.  UJAMAA strives to give back to the community without compromising quality or increasing costs.  This approach works, and allows UJAMAA to continue to attract and retain the trust and respect of quality clients.  Currently, more than two-thirds of the firm’s business is attributed to repeat clientele.