Chicago O'Hare International Airport Consolidated Car Rental Facility (CONRAC)

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Austin Power Partners

The AUSTIN POWER PARTNERS team combines unmatched national CONRAC experience (Austin Commercial) with local expertise from the largest Chicago-only contractor (Power Construction).  The team, further enhanced through the inclusion of a local minority contractor with recent aviation experience (Ujamaa Construction), will ensure that Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport achieves all of its goals relative to this important project.

The Project consists of an expansion and renovation of Terminal 5 at O'Hare International Airport. Nine new gates will be added at the East end of the terminal with added concessions space. An addition at the core of the terminal will add space for concessions, airline's clubs, and enlarged hold rooms. An expanded TSA security and reconfigured Customs FIS areas will improve efficiencies, along with an entirely new baggage handling system. Lastly, the West end of the terminal will be reconfigured for Delta Airlines, so the terminal will be able to accommodate both international and domestic arriving and departing flights. 

The Project