​​​​​Bid Package 1 - Deep Foundations - Closed

Trade Package 1: Caissons

Bid Package 2 - Temporary PBBs - Closed

Trade Package 2:  Enabling Work for Temporary Passenger Boarding Bridges (General Contractor)

Bid Package 3 - Baggage Handling System - Closed

Trade Package 3: Baggage Handling System (Design Build)

Bid Package 4 - Civil, Superstructure, Conveyance & Main Building Envelope Systems - Closed

​​​Trade Package 4:  Earth Retention
Trade Package 5:  Structural Steel
Trade Package 6:  Conveyance
Trade Package 7:  Metal Panels
Trade Package 8:  Aluminum Curtainwall, Glass, Glazing
Trade Package 9:  Re-gasketing all existing curtainwall
Trade Package 10:  Temporary Structure
Trade Package 11:  Apron Paving 
Trade Package 12:  Site Electrical
Trade Package 13:  Site Utilities ​

Bid Package 5 - Earthwork & Foundations - Closed

​​​​​Trade Package 14:  Earthwork/Excavation/Demo
Trade Package 15:  Concrete Foundations & Flatwork
Trade Package 16:  Waterproofing
Trade Package 18:  Fireproofing

Bid Package 6 - TSA Expansion & Renovation - Closed

​​​​Trade Package 19:  General Contractor for TSA Expansion & Renovation (No MEPFp)

Bid Package 7A - MEPFp Systems - East Extension - Closed

​​​​Trade Package 20A:  HVAC - East Extension
Trade Package 21A:  Plumbing - East Extension
Trade Package 22A:  Fire Protection - East Expansion
Trade Package 23A:  Electrical - East Extension

​Bid Package 7B - MEPFp Systems - Core, FIS, TSA, West Renovation - Closed

​Trade Package 20B:  HVAC - Core, FIS, TSA, West
Trade Package 21B:  Plumbing - Core, FIS, TSA, West
Trade Package 22B:  Fire Protection - Core, FIS, TSA, West
Trade Package 23B:  Electrical - Core, FIS, TSA, West
Trade Package 23C:  Electrical - Network Center Switchgear Replacement

​Bid Package 8 - Remaining Building Envelope Systems - Closed

​​​​​Trade Package 26:  Demolition
Trade Package 27:  Overhead Doors
Trade Package 29:  Roofing
Trade Package 30A:  Stairs & Rails
Trade Package 31:  Masonry
Trade Package 33:  Stud & Drywall, Sheathing
Trade Package 34:  Doors/Frames/Hardware

Bid Package 9 - Interiors, West Wing Renovations & FIS Renovations - Closed

​​​​Trade Package 17:  Asphalt Paving
Trade Package 30:  Miscellaneous Metals
Trade Package 38:  General Contractor for Carpentry, Specialties and Window Coverings
Trade Package 39:  Interior Glass & Glazing
Trade Package 40:  Interior Drywall, GFRG, and Doors/Frames/Hardware
Trade Package 41:  Terrazzo
Trade Package 42:  Tile
Trade Package 45:  Flooring
Trade Package 47:  Ceiling Systems (Non-Drywall)
Trade Package 48:  Painting
Trade Package 50:  Specialty Detention Equipment
Trade Package 52:  General Contractor for Performance Stage, Ornamental Metals and Air Columns

Trade Package 54:  Wayfinding/Interior Signage

​Bid Package 10 - BAS & Fire Alarm Upgrades - Closed

Trade Package 23D: Fire Alarm

Trade Package 24C: Building Automated Systems

RE-BID Bid Package 7 - MEPFp Systems - Closed

Trade Package 24A:  Building Automated System - East Extension​

​Trade Package 24B:  Building Automated System - Core, FIS, TSA, West

Bid Package 11 - HVAC Upgrades - Closed

Trade Package 20C: Air Handling Unit Upgrades

Trade Package 55: (SBI-1) Misc Mechanical Upgrades

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