O'Hare International Airport Consolidated Rental Car Facility (CONRAC)

The Project consists of construction of the new Joint Use Consolidated Rental Car/Public Parking Facility & ATS Extension Fixed Facilities, comprising a 3 level rental car ready/return structure for 4,200 stalls and a 2 level public parking facility with approximately 2,700 stalls. The structure is designed so the public parking portion can be expanded up to four additional levels in the future.

The existing end train station in Lot C will remain with minor renovations/additions and the existing elevated track for the ATS will be extended approximately 1800 LF, crossing Mannheim Road, and terminating in the new station in Lot F. 

The existing train Maintenance and Storage Facility (M&SF), remote and separate form the main site, will also be renovated and added to for expanded train maintenance and train car construction.

A new Airport Transit Station (ATS) is integrated into the design of the facility. This new station will provide a direct connection, from Level 1 Customer Service Center (CSC) and the grade level Bus Lobby, to all four passenger terminals located in the terminal core area.

The Project also includes a multi-level rental car Quick Turn Around (QTA) structure, modifications to Zemke Boulevard and access and egress ramps connecting to and from Mannheim Road. An at-grade parking area is located on the west side of the site. The long term plan is that this parking area may be converted into commercial development.

The scope of the Project also includes site improvements, located on the wets side of Mannheim Road, within the existing Lot C remote public parking area, to provide a new public roadway connecting from Bessie Coleman Boulevard to the Project site on the existing remote Lot F. A new bridge will be constructed to carry this road across Mannheim Road. The area of Lot C impacted by these improvements will be reconfigured to maintain a contiguous parking area.


Ley, Rob. Field Lines. 2018, Painted Aluminum 294’ W x 25’ H x 2.5’ D 
O'Hare Airport, Chicago, Illinois ​