The Prequalification Process is Now Closed


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Prequalification Specifics

Bidding Eligibility


​​​The Process

Our process of subcontractor selection begins with a review of basic company information. This process results in a list of highly qualified subcontractors throughout the Chicago area. Your cooperation is most appreciated.

In order to maintain our subcontractor/supplier database, we require that each subcontractor participate in an initial qualification process and provide periodic updates. The link below will direct you to a self-service questionnaire for completion.  Tier Subcontractors and Suppliers are NOT required to complete the prequalification process.

All bidding is by invitation to prequalified bidders only. 

  • Bidders must be prequalified through APP's project specific prequalification process to be invited to bid. 
  • Tier Subcontractors and Suppliers need not prequalify.
  • Prequalifcation Process is NOW CLOSED.  Thank you to all who have participated!