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Prequalification Specifics

Bidding Eligibility

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  • Bidding on certain bid packages is by invitation to prequalified bidders only.

  • Bidders are prequalified through APP's project specific prequalification process. 

  • Tier Subcontractors and Suppliers are NOT required to complete the prequalification process. Click Here if you would like to participate as a Tier Subcontractor or Supplier.

  • Processing prequalification applications may take over 30 days. Submit your prequalification documents to allow for processing time.

  • Prequalification for Bid Packages 1 - 9:  Is complete.  Please Contact Us for more information.

The following attachments are needed to complete the prequalification application: 

Note:  For each category, multiple attachments must be combined in ONE file 

  • Form W-9 indicating full legal name and address

  • Copy of M/WBE certification (if applicable)

  • List of work in progress and corresponding backlog

  • Resumes of key personnel

  • Statement from surety (not agent) advising of aggregate and per project bonding capacity

  • Three years of financial statements and corresponding notes prepared by a third party*. The most recent statement should represent a period ending within the last 6 months.

  • A letter from your insurance company or agent indicating your EMR history for the last 3 policy years

  • OSHA 300A report for each of the last 3 calendar years

  • Sample certificate of insurance evidencing your current coverage and limits

  • Completed Trade Specific Questionnaire located on this website

*Small or new businesses please contact Contact Us directly for special requirements

Reference Documents & Specifications

Our process of subcontractor selection begins with a review of basic company information. This process results in a list of highly qualified subcontractors throughout the Chicago area. Your cooperation is most appreciated. In order to maintain our subcontractor/supplier database, each subcontractor participates in an initial qualification process and provides periodic updates. The link below will direct you to a self-service questionnaire for completion.  ​

Our Process

Documents are provided for reference only

Important Due Dates

What you need to know

Bidding Eligibility

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Begin the Prequalification Process

Step 1:  Register Your Firm

If you were registered with APP on a previous contract, you will receive an Invitation to Prequalify with instructions. ​ Click the orange banner at the top of the prequalification email to begin the prequalification process on this project.

If you have already completed Sections 1-7 of the online questionnaire, go directly to Step 3 and complete the Trade Specific Prequalification Questions only.  This document should be uploaded into Section 8. If you have completed the questionnaire and would like to prequalify for another trade package, please complete a Trade Specific Questionnaire Form and email it to 

If you would like to prequalify and you have not received an invitation from our system Click Here.  Enter your information in the SmartBid Registration Form and a link to the Prequalification Questionnaire will be emailed to you.  If you receive an error message notifying you that your company is already in our database, but you did not receive an Invitation to Prequalify, Contact Us

Step 2:  Complete the Prequal Questionnaire

Step 3:  Download and Complete the Trade Specific Questionnaire

Submit a questionnaire for each trade you want to bid

BID PACKAGE 4 - Civil, Superstructure, Conveyance & Main Building Envelope Systems

                 Trade Package 4:  Earth Retention

                 Trade Package 5:  Structural Steel

                 Trade Package 6:  Conveyance

                 Trade Package 7:  Metal Panels

                 Trade Package 8:  Aluminum Curtainwall, Glass, Glazing

                 Trade Package 9:  Re-gasketing all existing curtainwall

                 Trade Package 10:  Temporary Structure

                 Trade Package 11:  Apron Paving

                 Trade Package 12:  Site Electrical 

                 Trade Package 13:  Site Utilities

BID PACKAGE 5 - Earthwork & Foundations

                 Trade Package 14:  Earthwork/Excavation/Demo

                 Trade Package 15:  Concrete Foundations & Flatwork

                 Trade Package 16:  Waterproofing

                 Trade Package 18:  Fireproofing

BID PACKAGE 6 - TSA Expansion & Renovation

                  Trade Package 19:  General Contractor for TSA Expansion & Renovation (No MEPFp)



                  Trade Package 20:  Mechanical

                  Trade Package 21:  Plumbing

                  Trade Package 22:  Fire Protection

                  Trade Package 23:  Electrical

                  Trade Package 24:  Building Automated Systems (BAS)/Special Systems

BID PACKAGE 8 - Remaining Building Envelope Systems
                  Trade Package 26:  Demolition
                 Trade Package 27:  Overhead Doors
                 Trade Package 28:  Sealants
                 Trade Package 29:  Roofing
                 Trade Package 30:  Miscellaneous Metals
                 Trade Package 31:  Masonry
                 Trade Package 32:  Air/Vapor Barrier
                 Trade Package 33:  Stud & Drywall, Sheathing
                 Trade Package 34:  Doors/Frames/Hardware
                 Trade Package 35:  Landscaping

                 Trade Package 17:  Asphalt Paving

                 Trade Package 25:  Pavement Striping

BID PACKAGE 9 - Interiors (Design Assist), West Wing renovations (Design Assist) & FIS Renovations (Design Assist)
                   Trade Package 36:  Demolition
                 Trade Package 38:  Carpentry/Millwork/Specialties
                 Trade Package 39:  Glass/Glazing
                 Trade Package 40:  Stud & Drywall
                 Trade Package 41:  Terrazzo
                 Trade Package 42:  Tile
                 Trade Package 43:  Spray Insulation
                 Trade Package 44:  Acoustical Plaster Finish System
                 Trade Package 45:  Flooring
                 Trade Package 46:  Furnishings
                 Trade Package 47:  Ceilings
                 Trade Package 48:  Painting
                 Trade Package 49:  Stone Faced Wall Paneling           

                 Trade Package 52:  General Contractor for Performance Stage, Ornamental Metals and Air Columns

                 Trade Package 54:  Wayfinding & Interior Room Signage

BID PACKAGE 10 - HVAC, BAS and Fire Alarm Upgrades

​                 Trade Package 23D:  Fire Alarm

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​Step 4:  Review, Respond and Acknowledge Addenda

Addenda can be found in the Plan Room​